Brighter Futures for Arizona Immigrants, Their Families, and Future Generations

We’ve built our programs with an immediate, near-term, and long-term approach in mind so we can affect change today, tomorrow, and forever.

A couple attending Phoenix Legal Action Network's storytelling event


Free legal services and resources to prevent deportation


Narrative change through stories and art


Building community power alongside local immigrant-led organizations

Outcomes that matter

We strive to measure our success not just in numbers, but in heartfelt outcomes.

Clients who received legal support from PLAN to help with immigration matters in the Phoenix Immigration Court

Helping local immigrants continue calling Arizona their home

A Phoenix immigrant family outside at a community event

Keeping Arizona families together

A Phoenix immigrant family sitting together at a PLAN storytelling event

Creating opportunities for local immigrants to tell their stories

A group of people from Phoenix's immigrant community working together to reimagine immigrant justice

Empowering immigrants to be their own advocates

PLAN working with immigrant led organizations in Phoenix to build power in Arizona's immigrant community

Building power in local communities

Highlights from our most recent impact report

48 Arizona immigrants received legal assistance

8  received temporary status

A group of people outside a courthouse.

7 received permanent legal status

100+  local Afghans were assisted at community clinics

PLAN's Executive Director with a member of Arizona's immigrant community

Serving those most in need

Over half of our clients have been in the U.S. for 10+ years. They’re parents, family members, and hard-working Arizonans.

  • Migrated from around the world

  • Income below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines

  • Survived trauma and violence

  • Members of LGBTQ+ and other vulnerable populations

  • Face imminent deportation

Transparent assessments

PLAN believes in regular and transparent program assessment. In the summer of 2022, we surveyed current and former clients in four different languages (English, Spanish, Dari/Farsi, and French) about their experience with us.

91% of our clients participated in the assessment. We’re honored to share the results.

Our 2023 assessment is underway. Check back later for updates.

PLAN’s Strengths

85% of participants said that PLAN met their needs very or extremely well. They said PLAN is great at:

  • Providing free legal services

  • Sharing reliable information

  • Building positive relationships

PLAN’s Opportunities for Improvement

Our clients helped us identify two areas where we need to improve.

Expand Outreach

  • Input: 92% said they want to learn about or be connected with local immigrant-led organizations.

  • Actions: Connect clients with our partners.

Increase Capacity

  • Input: 64% identified immigration as the most urgent legal need for their families.

  • Actions: Add a full-time immigration attorney to our staff.

Help PLAN create an Arizona where every immigrant is safe, welcome & valued.

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