Storytelling as a Vehicle for Change

PLAN provides spaces for local immigrants to share authentic portrayals of their lives. Because a better understanding of people’s personal experiences leads to policies that center humanity over hate.

“I consider myself to be an American, but just don’t have the documents to prove it.”

Paola Zavala Chairez

A women talking about her experiences as an immigrant in Arizona
An immigrant artist sharing her story with the Phoenix community

“Migration is traumatic, migration is forced, migration is needed.”

Miros Domenzain

"We did not come here to take anything away. In some way, the universe has enough for all of us. And sometimes we come to give more than what we ask for."

Gladis Molina Alt

Two women walking along the border between Arizona and Mexico
A man sharing his story about life as an immigrant in Phoenix

Opportunities for Arizona immigrants to share their stories

We strive to build a deeper understanding of immigrants’ unique experiences and contributions, and to remind ourselves of our shared identities as Arizonans, family members, and friends.

In-person events

Virtual events

Video interviews

Written stories

Art in all forms

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Upcoming events

We're currently planning our next event. Check back soon for details.

Our annual storytelling event: In Our Own Words

Every fall, we host a Spanish/English bilingual event highlighting the diverse experiences of Arizona's immigrant communities through art and story.

This space lets immigrants take back the microphone and share honest, personal portrayals of life in Arizona.

“This event reminded me that the immigrant experience is vast and [can’t] be generalized or summed up into a soundbite. It also reminds me that every story matters and is unique and should be uplifted as a form of empowerment, especially for communities who are often vulnerable, excluded, and lumped into a generalization or stereotype that strips them of their humanity.”

Community Member

Help more immigrants share their stories