Working in Solidarity with Immigrant-Led Organizations

Legal services alone can’t change the laws and systems that oppress immigrant communities. PLAN works in collaboration with local immigrant-led organizations to create long-term systemic and institutional change.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

~African Proverb

Phoenix Legal Action Network working with Poder in Action

Our partners in power

Thank you to our partners for sharing our commitment to support social and immigrant justice in Phoenix.

We strive to develop meaningful relationships with our partners and their members by attending their meetings, supporting their work, and serving as an extension of their resources.

Do you work with a local immigrant-led organization interested in partnering with PLAN? Please get in touch.

“PLAN speaks our language and the language of immigration…and empower[s] immigrant people to create community leaders."

Trans Queer Pueblo

Programs that dismantle the root causes of migrant marginalization

PLAN co-creates programs, materials, and resources with our partners to support the legal needs of their community members. Together, we ensure that legal knowledge grows and information remains in the community.

Colectivo Capullo

An ongoing collective effort between Trans Queer Pueblo, Poder in Action, and PLAN to create a new dynamic of accountability and mutual understanding between the legal profession, organizations, and the community

Legal clinics

Free legal consultation for members of our partner organizations

Education workshops

Free, accurate, and timely legal information and resources

Legal training curriculum

Training for immigrant leaders to support their communities and potentially become BIA Accredited Representatives

Showing up in community

Regularly attending partner organization events so our community knows us before they need us