The People Powering PLAN

PLAN is the collective effort of passionate folks with deep connections to the immigrant community.

PLAN's executive director, Rekha Nair, and program coordinator, Giselle Valadez Godinez, posing outside

Meet our team

A headshot of Rekha Nair

Rekha Nair

Executive Director
A headshot of Giselle Valadez Godinez

Giselle Valadez Godinez

Program & Development Coordinator

Meet our board of directors

A headshot of Erin Scharff

Erin Scharff

Board President
A headshot of Brenda Muñoz-Furnish

Brenda Muñoz-Furnish

Board Treasurer
A headshot of Whitney Larson

Whitney Larson

Board Secretary
A headshot of Clara Acosta

Clara Acosta

Board Member
A headshot of Neta Borshansky

Neta Borshansky

Board Member
A headshot of Greg Fay

Greg Fay

Board Member
A headshot of Anita Huizar-Hernandez

Anita Huizar-Hernandez

Board Member
A headshot of Lauren C. Taveras

Lauren C. Taveras

Board Member

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