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Diana Amé: Healing Through Art

Published on
September 28, 2022
As told by
Diana Amé

Diana immigrated to the US from Mexico as an infant.  She would describe herself as an artist, a daughter of immigrants, “and basically the first person to make a life” in the US from her family. Growing up in a working-class family she was often left alone. During this time, she began expressing her creativity by putting onto paper the things she would imagine. She describes this time as one of reflection. Now with her own artwork, she hopes to inspire the same in her viewers.  

We are delighted to showcase Diana and her art as part of our En nuestras propias palabras/In Our Own Words immigrant storytelling and art programming, watch her video below to learn more.

Diana's portrait

The Eldest Daughter

Diana is the oldest in her family, having come from Mexico she has been shaped by the patriarchal values her culture holds.  As a result, it has often led to contradicting emotions.  Like appreciating and loving your family while also understanding they might now always agree with your life choices.  Diana reflects on this classic generational clash many eldest daughters can relate to.

Art as a Tool for Reflection

Diana uses art as a way to tap into her emotions and imagination.  She has found solace in her art by using it as a way to display her inner world on paper.  Diana also recognizes that art has helped her develop her voice.  As a timid person, she has been able to use her work to communicate her message, which is ultimately one of self-reflection.

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