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Diego is a Phoenix native with proud Mexican-American heritage. He specializes in graphic design, photography, and digital strategy, expertly combining these skills to create intentional storytelling and branding.

Both of his parents are from Mexico, with his mom hailing from Morelos and his dad from Michoacán. While he grew up in the Arcadia area of Phoenix, he also spent time in West Phoenix, South Phoenix, Tolleson, Tempe, Mesa, and Scottsdale. He frequently traveled to the small ranchos in Morelos and Michoacán. These experiences heavily influenced his creative perspective.

Diego captures the essence of both Arizona and Mexico, seamlessly blending these worlds to share his unique experiences. His work primarily focuses on landscapes, people, self-image, culture, and health. His photography serves not only as a medium for capturing the beauty of the world but also as a form of therapy, helping him navigate his mental health journey.

Diego has been actively engaged in the immigration rights movement since 2011. During this time, he honed his digital organizing skills and used graphic design and photography to amplify the voices of those impacted by critical issues.

Diego Lozano served as the Digital + Marketing Director at Aliento from 2017 to 2023, where he played a pivotal role in creating the branding and identity of the organization. Notably, during the 2022 election season, his work reached over 3 million people and proved essential in the passage of Proposition 308, granting Dreamers access to in-state tuition in Arizona.

His work stands as a testament to the power of art, advocacy, and community engagement, all while reflecting his unique perspective shaped by his recent diagnosis of ADHD, which has added depth and insight to the way he views the world and his creative process. Diego is proud of his roots, both in Arizona and Mexico. He is a big fan of Star Wars and video games, particularly Nintendo. In his free time, he enjoys crossfit, coffee, and hiking.

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