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Iris is a lesbian, mestizo woman, with roots from the Ch'orti Maya people. She was born in a town called Morales, Izabal in the country of Guatemala. She studied in public primary schools in her village where she became passionate about drawing, obtaining first place awards for it. She finished the diversified level in Chiquimula, graduating from Primary Urban Education Teacher at the National Institute for Eastern Ladies (INSO).

After four years she entered the University of San Carlos de Guatemala (USAC), where she obtained the title of Teacher of Secondary Education in Pedagogy and Technical in Educational Administration, standing out as group coordinator and representative of her school cycle. She continued her studies at this educational institution and completed his degree in Pedagogy and Educational Administration.

She continued her studies and began the career of Teacher in Secondary Education in Physics and Mathematics, which she left unfinished by multiple factors.

She worked for the government and private educational institutions as a teacher in the subjects of, Seminar Advisor, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Spanish. At this stage she was part of the teachers' union. After a while she got involved rescuing dogs from the street with other people; which formed into a lesbian group in her town of Izabal. She eventually emigrated to the United States for persecution because of her sexual orientation.

With the support of the Phoenix Legal Action Network and the Florence Project she was granted political asylum. It is here that she became involved in supporting the LGBTQ+ community today, as well as participating with Trans Queer Pueblo organization in the Liberation project.

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