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Jessica: Missing Her Guatemalan Traditions

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April 28, 2023
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Jessica’s journey to the U.S. is one she does not wish upon anyone. “Everything I suffered on the journey from my country to the United States was very heavy.”

Nevertheless, she feels this traumatizing journey was necessary for her own safety.  But the obstacles did not stop once she arrived in the U.S., “back then I couldn’t even say hello, good morning... it was very difficult to start.” But, as she always says, “nothing is impossible in this life.”  

As a trans migrant woman, through her struggles, she has discovered that the biggest barrier to overcome is losing fear.

“Often I’m afraid to ask questions because I don’t know if they will want to deport me… When I started my process of transitioning. Losing the fear of society is the most important thing. What will they say? What do they think? That’s what affects us the most.”

With this strength she has garnered for herself, she continues to live to complete her goals. Hear about them below.

In the 18 years apart from Guatemala, Jessica has missed the traditions of her country, such as food and the fair. “Food – gastronomy, is somehow rescued within memories because one can create their dishes or remember how it is cooked in our country and not lost.”

Hear about the memories she can’t replicate below.

We share Jessica’s story so that Arizonans can see and hear the experiences of one of the 275,000 undocumented immigrants that call Arizona home.

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