Jose Luis

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Jose Luis

Jose was born in Mexico City and raised in the state of Guerrero. Here is where he spent his youth vibing to Mexican rock bands like Caifanes and El Tri. ¡Que Vivan Los Rockeros! (Long live the rockers!)

Jose's interest in the arts began through the enchanting folktales and legends of Mexico. His favorite being La Tecampana, a tale of star-crossed lovers from the city of Teloloapan in Guerrero.

These epic stories of heroes and warriors have cultivated his admiration for Mexico's rich history. He has passed on these stories to his son and daughter so they always remember that they are the creators of their own destiny.

Being fascinated with myths and history led Jose to photography. Documenting his own history. His favorite subjects are sunrises and sunsets. His pictures are pure enjoyment for the beauty of life.

Like he always says,

“solo vives una vez (you only live once) so cherish your life.”
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