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Miros: The Migrant Butterfly

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September 28, 2022
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“Migration is traumatic, migration is forced, migration is needed”

Miros is a dreamer, not only because she has Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA)  a status awarded to undocumented youth known as Dreamers, but also because she is someone who imagines a just world for her community.  She has often been told her dreams are unattainable, but through reflection and her own lust for life, she continues to make progress toward her goals big and small.

Today, Miros works with Poder in Action as a community resource navigator, connecting community members to reliable and affordable resources in the valley.  She is also partnering with PLAN and other local immigrant-led organizations to create a new dynamic of accountability between the legal profession and the community. We are thrilled to showcase Miros and her art as part of our En nuestras propias palabras/In Our Own Words immigrant storytelling and art programming.

Miros's portrait

The Migrant Butterfly

Miros shares her experience growing up as a working-class DACA-mented person in the U.S.  She rejects the notion that “migration is beautiful” and highlights the challenges immigrants face no matter their status. Miros encourages younger immigrants to not lose hope in themselves and their community when trapped in a hopeless system.

Practicing Ceramics, Practicing Patience

Miros has been passionate about artistic expression since her introduction to band in middle school. Unfortunately, after graduating high school Miros did not have access to continue playing music.  In turn, this passion poured into her adulthood through ceramics. She began practicing ceramics during the pandemic and has been hooked ever since!

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