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Robyn grew up in Arizona from the age of two believing she was American. Only in high school, when she tried to get a social security card and an ID to work, did she learn that she was “illegal.” She was shocked; she knew she was born in Canada, but her mother was an American citizen. She thought she would be able to fill out a couple forms and get it figured out quickly.

Unfortunately, it was the start of a more than twenty-year struggle of trying to get legal status in the United States, a struggle that changed her life and identity.

Robyn is a fierce advocate for herself and protector of others. As a child, she testified in court to prevent the man who hurt her from hurting anyone else. Today she is a proud role model and mom to her two beautiful daughters.

This year she also got two new statuses: Grandma and lawful permanent residence of the US. In the years to come, Robyn dreams of investing in a business she cares about and watching it grow and living the best life she can in this desert she calls home.

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