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Sena: Oromo & Proud

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November 14, 2022
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Originally from Oromia, Sena, a Black Muslim womxn, is the chief of staff at the Arizona Coalition for Change. Within the last 3 years, Sena has made her mark in Arizona. She led a statewide team to register more than 10,000 people to vote during the 2020 election and co-founded the Oromo Youth Association which supports, empowers, and transforms the message and lives of the Oromo/Ethiopian community in the United States and abroad. Sena's intersectional experience catalyzes her passion for social justice advocacy, which she believes is imperative for restoring humanity and holding institutional systems accountable. She hopes her experience inspires others to join her in bettering our communities.

We are so grateful to Sena for sharing her story with us. Watch it below.

Sena's portrait

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